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Cover Letter To Professor For Phd

Example of a Ph.D. cover letter Use this academic cover example template as inspiration for writing your own: Gary Zhang 100 Baker Avenue Clairesville, WY (838)-556-9092 Dear Dr. Morales, I am writing to express my interest in the doctoral program for the Department of Biochemical Engineering at Agosto University.

  • Your cover letter should be addressed to the PhD supervisor, starting with a “Dear [academic title] [surname]”, for example, “Dear Professor Williams”. Tip: Make sure to get the title of the supervisor correct.

  • A cover letter should be addressed to a named person i.e. “Dear Professor Smith”. For a PhD application, this will usually be the PhD supervisor, but may be a specific person in charge of recruitment. If you are still unsure who to address the cover letter to, it should be directed to the Head of Department.

  • Tips for writing a PhD Cover Letter In your cover letter mention your graduation and post-graduation with years Add your research accomplishment if any in the cover letter Mention some of the educational achievements of your college time Mention your motive behind PhD Give a knowledgeable weight to your cover letter PhD Cover Letter Template


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